Breakthrough Patent-Pending NFT Toolkit

For individuals and content owners to manage & monetize authenticated blockchain NFTs both now and for perpetual royalties.

If Michelangelo were alive today he could create and sell a limited edition of Sistine Chapel NFT artwork, digitally signed with an AllCertified’s authenticated blockchain “Autograph Sticker”.

AllCertified’s NFT technology platform empowers any athlete, TV and movie talent, social media influencer, musician, artist, politician, or anyone else to create and sell NFTs with personalized, digitally blockchain-certified “Autograph Stickers” attached.

As a B2B platform, we partner with the leading NFT minting, marketplace, and auction sites, to protect the IP and legal ownership rights of copyrighted image owners and to thwart NFT fraud, hacks, and illegal derivative works.

NOTE – images throughout this site are mock-ups/ fictitious examples shown for display purposes only.

For Individual TALENT

Athletes, TV and Movie Personalities, Social Media Influencers, Musicians, Artists, Politicians…how you will be on-boarded to create and monetize (both now and in perpetuity) your own digital blockchain certified “Autograph Sticker” to affix to NFTs.

For Content Creators/ Owners

TV Networks, Streaming Services, Movie Studios, Music Companies, and Record Labels, Artists, Concert Promoters, Museums, Art Galleries…how any 3rd party owning and controlling copyrighted digital images and videos can profit from NFTs.