NFT Autograph Toolkit

For individuals & IP content owners to create, manage,
and affix authenticated autographs to NFTs, for both
current revenue streams, and for perpetual royalties.


NFTs are collectibles*

     $41 billion global 2021 sales (Source: ChainAlysis)


Auction houses, collectors, investors, fans – all know that personally signed/ autographed collectibles are bought-sold-traded at huge multiples vs. unsigned pieces

AllCertified: a B2B NFT technology company

Who We Are. What We Do. 
Features and Benefits

  • A Patent-Pending NFT technology stack, for individuals to create, manage and monetize digital autographs. 
  • Creating both current and into-the-future NFT royalties.
  • We’re a behind-the-scenes B2B company: working with talent agents, ad agencies, IP content owners (TV/movie studios, record labels, streaming services, auction houses)
  • We don’t mint, sell or auction NFTs. Instead, we partner with NFT minting, marketplace and auction sites for those applications.
  • Aligning with AllCertified significantly reduces NFT frauds, fakes and scams.
  • Our app is live both in Google Play and the Apple Store.
  • Smartphone enabled 24×7 to review and autograph NFTs from anywhere in the world (AWS cloud global access).  

Talent Agents / Agencies
Ad Agencies/ Marketing Agencies/
Branding Agencies
Player’s Unions

AllCertified’s digitized NFT autograph benefits:

  • Project a creative innovative and visionary image to your clients
  • Your clients will realize new revenue sources, plus after-retirement ongoing revenue streams
  • NFT projects create closer links and connections to fans and consumers
  • Backend NFT tokenization: an exciting, new digital marketing story
  • Aligning with AllCertified cuts down on frauds and scams

All NFT Minting, Marketplace, and
Auction sites 


AllCertified’s digitized NFT autograph benefits:

  • Creation of two NFT series: one with and one without autographs
  • Two NFT series means higher per-project revenue
  • Creates value-add differentiation: sites with vs. without AllCertified
  • SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED: getting already sold NFTs autographed by celebrities

Sports Teams & Leagues (incl. eSports)
Movie Studios                  TV Networks
Streaming Services      Music Festivals
Record Labels                Music artists
Music Festivals              Concerts
Fashion designers        Museums
Auction houses              Art galleries
social media influencers
     Facebook     TikTok
     Instagram   youtube

AllCertified’s digitized NFT autograph benefits:

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Expand fan/ customer reach: increase ties and connections
  • Thwart the creation/ sale of NFT fakes and frauds
  • Backend tokenization = new marketing hooks

AllCertified has qualified under the SEC
crowdfunding regulations to accept

investment monies from any single
individual; there are no personal

income or net worth requirements.
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