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Who We Are

We Value and Appreciate Talent, and Think It Should Be Recognized and Rewarded.

AllCertified is a visionary group of NFT gurus, experienced fintech programmers, cryptocurrency miners, and industry-leading copyright and trademark IP lawyers with deep contacts in the sports, social media, and entertainment industries. We have come together to create and launch AllCertified, the unique company with patent-pending technology to create blockchain authenticated celebrity autographs to be affixed to digital NFTs…producing huge across-the-board increased value to any NFT digital collectibles related to sports, TV, and movie personalities, musical performers, social media influences, artists, live concerts, etc. on a global basis.

Leadership Team

Michael G. Eckstein

CEO and Chairman

With 40+ years of proven senior-level IT and management expertise, Mr. Eckstein is the visionary leader of AllCertified. His roles and responsibilities have ranged from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Past engagements have included the North American Software Executive for the Government of Israel, CEO for the PA Blue Shield technology subsidiary, and a member of the President Clinton Healthcare Task Force. Mr. Eckstein is widely recognized as the “Godfather of MLB Biomechanics.” In 2013 he started the company KinaTrax, which in 2015 worked with the Tampa Bay Rays to install the MLB’s first in-stadium 3D motion capture/biomechanics technology platform for in-game analysis and evaluation of the pitching kinetic chain. 

Dennis Egen


Dennis has enjoyed success over the years in creating and leading the technology vision for agencies building complex, secure, data-driven marketing applications for clients such as Wawa, JPMorgan Chase, Aqua America, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Morgan Stanley, Ogilvy, Publicis, Barclays and many more. All of these applications were data-driven and more than simply brochure- ware sites. Some applications had tens of millions of customer records containing PI (Personal Information), marketing data (segmentation, funnel, analytics), and many hooks to outside systems (SAML, SSO, etc.). Dennis also teaches Software Engineering and Network Security at Rutgers University. Dennis has a B.S. and M.S. in computer science.

Gene Godick

Finance and Accounting

With over 25 years of financial and executive experience, including eight years of Big Five accounting experience, Mr. Godick’s knowledge and expertise cover all verticals of business finance. He led the Verticalnet IPO, where he helped the company raise $64 million in equity. During his tenure there, he raised over $300 million and completed over 25 M&A transactions. After the internet bubble crashed, Mr. Godick led the restructuring of Verticalnet, ultimately transforming it into a leading spend management software company.

What We Do

The AllCertified “Stickering” Process

At AllCertified, our real-time blockchain authentication technology on-boards talent and influencers to collect their key profile information, then populates our globally distributed 128-bit encrypted database nodes with the various data sets and file formats. From these databases, unique blockchain authenticated/ certified NFT “Autograph Stickers” are created, to be affixed to a digital NFT collectible.

Several unique process control features of our patent-pending NFT toolkit technology platform benefits both (1) the individuals who we on board to become part of our AllCertified digital talent library, and  (2) the copyright owners of those digital images and videos will be converted into NFTs for the individual to digitally sign:

  • Individuals now have the ability to monetize their public profile, celebrity status, and star power by affixing digital certified blockchain “Autograph Stickers” to NFTs in which they appear, or to the images of art, fashion, etc. they create
  • Individuals will be able to both (a) create their own NFTs for sale/auction, plus (b) get paid for affixing their “Autograph Stickers” either in collaboration with image copyright owners or to 3rd party NFTs submitted for their review.
  • Individuals will have the ability to worldwide 24×7 to view, via their AllCertified smartphone app, NFTs they wish to accept or refuse for signature.

On-Going in Perpetuity Royalties from Secondary Market NFT Auctions-Sales.

Part of our patent-pending technology is the ability for AllCertified’s NFT marketplace and auction site partners to track in perpetuity the digital ownership of any NFT to which a talent’s “Autograph Sticker” is affixed. Just as songwriters receive royalties whenever their songs are played/ performed, and actors receive royalties from reruns of TV shows…so will our onboarded clients receive royalties whenever an NFT with an affixed AllCertified “Autograph Sticker” is auctioned-bought-sold in any secondary market transaction.

Our B2B Model: How We Protect Content Owners’ IP — and Thwart Forgeries, Fakes, Hacks and Illegal Derivative NFTs

AllCertified is strictly a B2B company; we do not accept digital images or videos from the general public or unrecognized email accounts wanting to either mint NFTs or seek to have an AllCertified “Autograph Stickers” affixed to NFTs of unknown origin.

AllCertified only accepts requests for digitized “Autograph Stickers” from known NFT marketplaces and auction sites. We maintain a partner list of those companies for three specific reasons:

  1. To establish a closed-loop system, that lets us know an NFT “Autograph Sticker” request is coming from a legitimate source that has already minted (or is ready to sell) the NFT that is being submitted, and is working with legitimate content creators and owners of the digital IP assets.
  2. By using software auditing processes, confirming our NFT marketplace and auction house partners have a strong smart contract language associated with the “Autograph Signatures” of our clients, to ensure their underlying blockchain technology recognizes and pays royalties in perpetuity every time an NFT with one of our client’s stickers gets bought-sold-auctioned on the secondary market.
  3. To give our clients a choice of companies, platforms, and sites to sell auction the NFT with their stickers to secure the highest possible price.