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The world of NFTS

New. Confusing. Geeky. Just a passing fad.

Yes. Yes. Kind of. Definitely not.

Some tech-savvy types are saying NFTs are the next big thing…right up there with the internet itself and the launching of Facebook as technology history milestones. 

So what are these things called NFTs, and how the h*** did one sell for $69million (not a misprint) at a Christie’s auction in March. 

And what could be more hip than owning an NFT video of a LeBron James monster slam dunk from the NBA Top Shot site (BTW – $250,000 asking price.)

So while this NFT frenzy will surely be cooling down,

it’s not going away anytime soon.

We’re here to help: what are NFTs, what they are not, how they are made, etc. (NOTE: AllCertified and its alliance partners will be using credit cards, not cryptocurrency, for the creation, sale, or purchasing of its NFT “Autograph Stickers,” so you can skip those sections if you want)

  1. Click here to download the NFT White paper from CBInsights. An excellent overview, not too techy, and good descriptions as to where the NFT market is going and the business potential.
  2. We did the search term work for you. Here are the links to some common multiple NFT search terms (go ahead and try your own). Good luck !!!

What are NFTs?

NFT Auctions

How to make NFTs

AllCertified can point you in the right directions.

NFTs as investments